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Experience Without Arrogance

Roy and Amico
Law Group

Providing family law representation to Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Davenport, and all of Polk County.

Looking for a family law attorney in Winter Haven, need a coparenting plan, Roy and Amico Law Group handles divorce and child custody in Winter Haven and the surrounding cities in Polk County, Florida.


Under the best of circumstances divorce is going to be a crossroad in you and life, under the worst circumstances divorce could devolve into one of the most traumatic experiences you've endured. It's fair to say that you will mark time in your memory as before the divorce and after. You may have looked at the free family law forms offered online, if you have, at this point your head is probably spinning. It's okay to not understand everything that is going on or all of your rights, why would you? That is what a consultation is for.

Here's the thing, you know this has to happen, you know that the best interest of the children and proper coparenting is the most important thing, you don't want to keep the kids away from your estranged spouse, and you above all you don't want this to devolve into a war, but your not sure how to pull it've found your answer, Roy and Amico Law Group. 


Maybe your situation is different you and your spouse don't have any minor children but you have assets and retirement and many years together and you aren't sure what your rights are as far as equitable distribution, well you've found your answer, Roy and Amico Law Group. 

Feel confident with many decades of combined experience on your side. Attorneys Christopher Roy and Michael Amico take a pragmatic no nonsense approach to law and life.

Call us at 863-294-7898 for a consultation, we will answer ALL your questions about family law, divorce, coparenting, and equitable distribution. Our office is located in Winter Haven, and we serve all of Polk County.

TLDR: It's okay to be nervous, we've been doing this for a long time, we can answer all your questions, call us or book a consultation.

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